Drumming At The Edge Of Magic – A Journey Into The Spirit Of Percussion

January 1, 1990

A compelling tale of my quest to unlock the power, myths, and legends of percussion. Complemented by more than 90 photographs and illustrations. It is a captivating adventure into a vibrant living tradition of myth, power, and magic. Black-and-white photographs and illustrations.

  • When I decided to take up hand percussion, I sought out this work out of respect for the authors' musicianship, and his ongoing projects with the Smithsonian Institute and the Library of Congress. This book led me quickly past the idea of playing drums, and into areas which effect us spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. I've read it twice, and will read it again--and again until I REALLY understand it all. If World Music interests you, if you are a drummer, or if you are seeking inner peace, this book belongs in your hands.

    Denny R.
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  • I'd lost interest in playing for about 5 years before I read this book, but Mickey Hart's book brought me back to the reasons I started hitting the bottom of tin cans woth a wooden spoon! This book follows, to a degree, the history of drums, and studies the emotional, spiritual and physical effects of drums, old ancient, and new on people. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to play for any or no reason, and to andone who can't explain why the music makes them dance.

    Michael H
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  • As someone who has found his passion in drums in my advanced senior years I am always searching for more information on all aspects of percussion and other kinds of musical instruments. I recently purchased this very interesting and informative 264 page soft cover book (Drumming Magic: A journey into spirit of percussion by Mickey Hart with Jay Stevens) on Amazon for a bargain price. The author was the percussionist for the Grateful Dead rock band for almost twenty-five years. This is all about the author’s life and experience with the passion in his life being percussion instruments, namely various kinds of drums etc. In many ways Mickey Hart inherited his drumming ability and skills from his mother and father who were also drummers. This did not mean he did not have to work his tail off to become an expert drummer. This excellent volume is organized into fourteen chapters covering the following topics: the call of the drum, the garden of percussion, the hole in the sky, portrait of a rudimental drummer, the circle of the drum, portrait of a drummer as a cold warrior, among the ethnos, the big clock, portrait of a drummer on the edge of noise, Shaman’s drum, portrait of a drummer at the edge of magic, Africa: The invisible counter player, the brotherhood of the drum and the making of the drum. If your passion is drums this is a must read book. This book explores the mystery and appeal of the drum and other percussion instruments.

    Joseph J. Truncale
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  • This book looks at drumming not just from a technical standpoint but also from a philosophical and even a spiritual stance. Mickey Hart starts us with his early steps, covers military drumming and a bit of its place in history. He then moves on to anecdotal information about his days with the Grateful Dead. He discusses the drums themselves, their national origins and histories and the connection between drummers and their instruments. I am not a drummer but I can tell you that if you are called by the beat of the drum, this is a book you should read at least once.

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