Mickey Hart Fine Art

"When I paint, I can freeze the rhythm and behold the life force in action, the dynamic moment frozen into the static image." Mickey Hart


In a mesmerizing pouring session, Mickey, the maestro in vibrational expressionism, unleashes his artistic prowess through an extraordinary amalgamation of techniques. Guided by his unique vision, he explores the endless possibilities of Arco, the steel easel, as his canvas comes to life. With each pour, in harmony with Poncho, the spinner creates a whirlwind of colors and textures that transcend traditional boundaries. The artistry deepens as The Beam, the pythagorean monochord vibrating in sync with a Meyer subwoofer, unveils intricate details, extracting hidden dimensions within the paintings. And then, like a pendulum in motion, Mickey’s creativity swings freely, infusing his works with a captivating rhythm and flow. This pouring session encapsulates the essence of Mickey’s one-of-a-kind technique, capturing the vibrancy of his artistic expression and celebrating the boundless beauty that emerges from the synergy between his innovative tools and limitless imagination.

Behind the Scenes of Arco

The Steel Easel

Introducing the second iteration of its kind, Arco, short for Arcoiris, follows the infamous Rainbow, the original steel art easel used in Mickey’s first paintings. This exceptional creation embraces the legacy of its predecessor while forging its own path. The remarkable art easel, meticulously crafted from steel, embodies a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality. Expertly designed by master welder and fabricator Kayden Anderson, it embodies the essence of innovation and artistic excellence. Agile, multifunctional, and intricately crafted, this masterpiece takes the concept of an art easel to new heights, captivating the imagination of the Mickey Verse. As a worthy successor to the iconic Rainbow, it continues the tradition of pushing boundaries and inspiring creative journeys that transcend conventional limits.