3rd Annual Lockn’ Festival Prep Underway in Nelson County

By Mona Abdi

Nelson County, VA – The 3rd annual Lock'n Festival is just a month away and preparations are already starting in Nelson County. The three day event draws tens of thousands of people each year to Oak Ridge Farm.
For much of the year, the Oak Ridge Farm is serene, but for the last three years, on the weekend after Labor Day, there is Wide Spread Panic.
"We're pretty well known nationally now, not just to the artist but also to the people that come to the show" said Dave Frey co-founder Lockn’ festival
Lockn’ festival has come to attract huge crowds from all over to rural Nelson County. "We have about 70% of the people that come to Lockn’ come from out of state" said Frey.
While the first year was deemed a success, unexpected issues like parking and ABC regulations did appear.
This year the festival is introducing another option for festival goers that want a smooth ride to and from the festival. "Yeah we've got rally buses going from Roanoke" said Frey
Shuttles are also coming from Charlottesville and Lynchburg as well. Lynchburg Tourism Director Sergei Troubetzkoy says the city will also provide additional buses to Lockn’ attendees staying in area hotels.
"We are going to see a lot of business come here as a result of this concert" said Sergei Troubetzkoy.
Troubetzkoy says the shuttles are also a way to prevent people from drinking and driving. "They can stay in a hotel, get in one of these shuttles and go to Lockn’ and come back safely” said Troubetzkoy.
On the Lockn' website, it says they are also taking requests for Shuttle pick up locations. If enough people sign up for a specific location they'll send a shuttle that way.