Classic Holiday Poem Turned Ultimate Grateful Dead Holiday Playlist

Links in purple will take you to some of the best versions of the songs and shows. 
Soundboards and live videos used whenever possible. Enjoy.

'Twas the night before Christmas, ?we all sat having dinner,
Duke University 78' is a definite winner;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, ?
In hopes ?that? China/Rider soon would be there;

Lyrical magic enchanting our ears,
Hear the best Terrapin Station from over the years;
And Mama Tried in her kerchief, and I in my cap,
Playing 2,300+ shows took us all over the map,

?When in Buffalo 89' there arose such a clatter,
Estimated Prophet starts playing and nothings a matter?.
Close up on the rail – ?a spot not to lose,
Casey Jones keeps on Truckinto daddy's Deep Elem Blues. ?

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen Rain and Snow?,
This Morning Dew from Augusta warms us up with a glow.
When, Me and My Uncle – so lively and merry,
Disovered "Accidentally Like A Martyr" – some beautiful rare Jerry.

In Oakland 86' to our grateful eyes did appear,
?Jerry back on stage after almost a year?;
Tiger in hand with his band in the West,
The boys were together, loving Pearly Baker the best.

More rapid than eagles ?guitar riffs they came!
And we pulsed, and we twirled, and we called them by name!
?Loser, Cassidy, Althea ?we'd say!?
The Candyman comes around for Good Lovin' all day!

Berkeley 84'? tapers love their new section?,?
?Tweaking their levels to geeked out perfection.
Living rooms sparkle from the lights of the tree,
John Mayer & Donna Jean sing a smokin' Sugaree.

At the Fillmore East 1970 the Dire Wolf runs wild,
Plus a 27 minute Dark Star even Ebenezer had smiled.
Beacon Theatre 76' – an incredible show,
Jerry’s pure magic on this Row Jimmy Row.

Eyes of the World, Nassau – March 1990, 
Branford on sax and Brent shining brightly.
Mail order in hand, a good time is in store;
JFK 89' – they sure let it roar.

The Warlocks, The Grateful Dead, & now Dead & Co,
Weir everywhere you know, on the bus we shall go.
We pulse and we throb to bass we can feel,
Our bodies in motion to this Eyes of the World from Oteil.

Dead & Company provides us with good times aplenty,
Help/Slip/Franklin's just perfect from the hands of Chimenti.
We finished summer tour at Shoreline Standing On The Moon,
In 2017 we'll see you again real soon.

50+ years later we're still turning the page,
Having so much fun we don't want to get off the stage.
Singing along, so many favorites we hum,
Check out the 25th anniversary remastered Planet Drum.

So many shows in our hearts and our minds,
Inspiring us to always BeKind;
The Music Never Stopped and there's no end in sight,
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good-night!