Did You Feel It?

Did you feel it? 
The Beam moved us all last night. Here are some comments about what people felt.
"Oh, what a Pythagorean's Delight indeed." ~Floyd W.
"Mickey, The Beam was AMAZING, last night!!! I was home, in Ohio, and felt it, ALL!!! Thanx for a terrific ride, been on since '84!! I think it's safe to say that last night was one of the best!!! The dose horn was a Grate send-off!!!! Thank you, Mickey, from the bottom of my Hart!!!#!!!!" ~ Keith M.
"Beam me up Mickey…. That low frequency vibe penetrates the soul." ~Michael D.
"Thanks so much for an incredible show. I felt like I was floating out of my seat (streaming at movie theater in Monterey) with every fiber vibrating. And gotta love those crazy horns. Thanks for the magic!"~Laura A. 
"Thank you Mickey. Colors sound and vibrational levels as u know all have healing frequencies I feel bathed in the healing energy u and billy create. I truly feel it cleanses me and heals my spirit and body to the core. Thank you again!!"~Wendy P.
"Beam me up Mickey"…and amazing to read Jerry lives inside of it! One hell of a story on "evolution!"~Doug N.
"I relish the beam … one of the greatest inventions in music!" ~Donnie L.
Nurse Susan Kelley sure did. After the Santa Clara shows she reached out to Tom Paddock of Sound Research, bubbling over about the new depths of Mickey's sound:
"Mickey's beam solo was the best part of the show and a great auditory experience. The beam struck a resonance in my soul. Those low frequencies were key."
Susan has for many years been a leading force in a number of Grateful Dead-minded health initiatives. She's been the nurse at Camp Winnarainbow, the nurse with Project Avary, and she is co-founder of the Coastal Health Alliance.
The Beam’s latest incarnation has risen from the table for Fare Thee Well. It came to life only after many hours of effort and experimentation from Paddock and Meyer Sound. You can get the whole story, specs and all, in the History of the Beam link (below). The Beam has some fascinating overlaps with other lines of acoustic research.
And now here's a special treat for our all audio sound geeks out there – a pair of graphs! These are two Beam spectrum plots (Beam tuned to the key of A) taken at the Beam-only rehearsal by Tom Paddock, from the left side of the house mixer position.
  1. Broadband Plot 1a shows 21Hz to 20kHz spectrum. [Beam, Quad PA Spectrum, Broadband_plot 1a_6-26-15.jpg]
  2. Drone String Plot 2a shows a 55 Hz fundamental frequency for the drone string, and a distinct sub-harmonic at 27.5 Hz that is synthesized by the Beam Reality Amplifier engine. [Beam, Quad PA Spectrum, Drone plot_2a 6-26-15.jpg]