Dr. Huston Smith – What a loss!

Rest In Peace Dr. Huston Smith – 1919-2016
What a loss! 
"Ever since my first hearing of Huston Smith's 1967 recordings of the Gyuto Multiphonic Choir, these amazing and inspiring sounds have been my constant companions. With kindness and compassion, the monks chant for freedom, hope and peace."
~Mickey Hart
Learn More & Listen Here:
The Gyuto Monks – In Search for the Sound of Life – http://bit.ly/TheGyutoMonks
Huston Smith about his Recording of the Gyuto Monks and the Music of Tibet – http://bit.ly/MusicOfTibet
Dr Smith was also an renowned spiritual teacher and author. His book "The World's Religions" helped bring new views to the West. Watch his film – Requiem for a Faith, Tibetan Buddhism, Chanting Ceremony. The film, narrated by author Dr. Huston Smith, provides a rare glimpse at hypnotic chanting ceremonies of the Tibetan Buddhist monks — a technique so unusual that modern science has yet to understand it. 
Watch the film below or click the link. http://bit.ly/RequiemForAFaith