Happy Birthday Les Paul – The Wizard of Waukesha

His work goes way beyond the solid-body guitar. The exciting things he experimented with in his studio helped pave the way for music as we know it. Multi-track recording, overdubbing (aka sound on sound), tape delays, and other revolutionary techniques were just some of his many contributions.

Les Paul – The Wizard of Waukesha. Born June 9th back in 1915.

Quick fact: Les Paul is the only person to be inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the National Inventors Hall of Fame! 

Learn more about Les here with these excerpts from the The Les Paul Foundation website.

Best known for the solid body electric guitar, Les Paul was a prolific inventor & tinkerer.
What other piece of everyday modern technology did Les Paul invent?
You'd be surprised!
Check out his inventions here. 

Did you know?
Multi-Track Recording, the genesis of all modern recording, originated in Les Paul's garage. See how the inventor brought us a new world of sound here. #soundonsound

Les Paul and Mary Ford, The Golden Duo
"Today’s leading recording artists know that their sound is built on the genius inventions of the Wizard of Waukesha and his stellar performances with wife Mary Ford."
A love story in & out of the studio, learn more about their work together here

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