Happy Birthday – Terrapin Station – July 27th – 1977

Terrapin Station was our 9th studio album and was released today in 1977. It was our first album on our new label at the time,  Arista Records.
Over the last 35+ years there's been countless reviews, discussions and highlights about the record. Here's just a glimpse into what people had to say.
"Recently, after not having heard the album in several years, I gave the disc a serious, headphones-cranked listening, and I came away from the experience quite impressed." 
"If I had to pick one song that captured the spirit of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia, Terrapin Station would definitely be the one. It takes the listener into the heart of the Dead and shows you just what this band is made of. Terrapin contains some of the best lyrics, guitar, vocals, drums, and transitions ever created by the Grateful Dead. Terrapin Station is defiantly a must for any music lover." 
"I remember browsing through the records at the local library back in 1978 — I was all of eight years old — and I came across this album. I was so taken by the dancing turtles on the cover that I begged my dad to let me take it home and give it a listen. He saw that it was by the Grateful Dead and told me that it probably wasn't my style of music. He eventually gave in, but made sure I realized how delicate records were and to be very, very careful with it during the week I had it out."
"I couldn't wait to hear the music the turtles were dancing to, so I put it on my little portable turntable (with Mom's help) and gave it a listen. Quite honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with the first side. Chalk one up for Dad on this one. I turned the record over to side two and heard the song that has come to define everything I've come to love about the Grateful Dead, "Terrapin Station." There was just something about this long, beautifully orchestrated song that captivated me. I didn't care about the rest of the album — this was great! Fast forward eleven years — this was the first CD I decided to buy to start my CD collection. I still fondly recalled "Terrapin Station" after all those years and it's become a staple in my collection. I've even come to appreciate the rest of the songs on the album, especially the great "Estimated Prophet" and "Passenger." 
"As a a trained musician myself, I find Terrapin Station one of the Grateful Dead's most intriguing albums."
"…it is too amazing. It is smooth and over produced – particularly on the phenomenal title track. Jerry's wonderful, magic guitar is lost in heavy the orchestration."
"This is complex, beautiful, powerful music. Samson & Delilah has what it takes to make me want to dance, anytime, anywhere. The first notes of Estimate Profit send a shiver of anticipation through my spine. And the title track is so wonderful, so moving, so incredible that it goes down as one of the great & mighty classics of Rock and Roll. The sweet notes and complex musical interplay of Lady with a Fan hooks the listener, who is swept on a magical ride through Terrapin by the wonderful sounds of the story teller. Put on your headphones, draw the blinds, and really listen to this. You will not be disappointed."
"I think the orchestration, especially on the title piece, is excellent. It really makes for a great listening experience, whether that's in the car, working in the garage, or whatever, it's great music for any occasion."
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