Hidden Gems, Hidden Tracks – What can you discover?

Many Grateful Dead studio CDs have "hidden" tracks. These are included as separate tracks, not listed in the liner notes but playable if you step forward through the tracks. They have varying lengths of silent introductions. You'll want to let the CD run on from the previous track.

Thanks to whitegum.com for compiling this list. What new tracks can you discover from other box sets? Post anything new you find in the comments on our FB page here. https://www.facebook.com/mickeyhart

  • On "Anthem Of The Sun", track 9 is the single version of Born Cross-Eyed.
  • On "Live Dead", track 8 is the single version of Dark Star. Track 9 is a radio ad for the album.
  • On "Workingman's Dead", track 16 is a short radio ad for the album.
  • On "American Beauty", track 17 is the (shortened) single version of Ripple. Track 18 is a radio ad for the album.
  • On "Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses)", track 14 is a radio ad for the album.
  • On "Europe '72", Disc 2, track 11 is Bob Weir's Yellow Dog Story.