Let’s Celebrate America’s Workers on Labor Day

On Labor Day I salute all the drummers of the world who keep the time we dance to–along with all the trade and craftspeople who support our endeavors. I honor the sound, light, and tech folks, set builders, and so many more.

I also honor the workers Ralph Nader identifies: "Labor Day is a time to celebrate America's tradespeople–the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, tailors, retail clerks and home health assistants. Celebrate the meat and poultry inspectors, building code inspectors, OSHA and Customs inspectors, sanitation inspectors of supermarkets and restaurants, nuclear, chemical and aircraft inspectors, inspectors of laboratories, hospitals and clinics. Celebrate the bus drivers, miners, and nurses. Celebrate the janitors who often thanklessly clean our office buildings, schools, airports."

All these people, too, breathe life, love, music, and rhythm into our lives every day.

Original Post Here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ralph-nader/why-labor-day-matters_b_8091442.html