“As long as songs of mine are sung, I’m with you on this Earth.”

Dear Jerry,
Last night was a very special night. Great hang with Annabelle, Trixie, MG, and Sunshine.  Playing with Jimmy Cliff was a dream come true. I turned you on to Jimmy back in 1972, and then last night I found out you turned Jorma on to Jimmy. He sang "Fire On The Mountain" with such depth and feeling, not loosing a step from the old days. It seems that everyone had a deep admiration for this man. Of all the wonderful players, and there were many, it was Jimmy Cliff that resounded in every soul within hearing distance. 
Allen Toussaint was there and brought the finest that New Orleans has to offer.  Jorma was in top form, screaming like a banshee on "Sugaree". Bass Mountain, Dave Schools was the rolling thunder of the night. Bob, Bill and I had plenty fun.  I could go on, but now it's back to the studio for some dreaming and drumming heading towards the "Five Nights."
You're still with us,
P.S. I have a new cell #…try *&^%##@!