Percussion, Our Brains and Autism. How rhythm connects everything.

World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) is celebrated on April 2 annually.

Autism, and how percussion relates to the brain are long time passions of mine. See how an organization I am closely involved with called Hidden Wings uses rhythm and drumming to unfurl the gifts of young adults on the autistic spectrum!

According to Hidden Wings Founder, Jim Billington, "Shakers, didgeridoos, drama, and all in the groove of the drumming – that is the pathway of freedom to express themselves."

Working with Hidden Wings and Remo we have experienced that, as a drumming session proceeds, eyes that never look straight into another's eyes begin to do so. Faces that rarely smile come alive. And those who are most "locked away" drum the longest.

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Stealie Artwork By Christopher Sloan and Justin Pittsley