Playin, Playin in the Brain: Glass Brain Goes to SXSW… How cool!

 A RHYTHM JOURNEY: The Glass Brain                


The only way to seek out and find the secrets of the universe is through Rhythm.

Tonight there it was, hanging in space, giant snapshot of my brain for all to see.  It was pulsing, it was throbbing, it was alive and I heard it. My control system, “Rhythm Central” was at work in living color. This is me in a different form than I had ever imagined, an image so stark and mysterious and yet handsome in its sculpture.  All the superficial grooves and valleys and intertwining fibers like a science fiction image only this was ME; it was real, and it was now. As I breathed this image became a physical map of the vibrations that were happening in my skull, my crania. It looked like a billiard game, but this was the rhythm of my life at its most basic level. The rhythm of the brain is the over riding factor in our lives, and keeping it healthy and happy is the goal. 

 I sit here now on this special day with little hesitation. I well know we have shared a moment that would come someday. We have made contact with the rhythm of the brain in a scientific context. The science of rhythm in the brain has “Sprucegoosed” itself into being.  We flew, we soared, and we wowed the crowd with wonder at the sights and sounds of my hardworking brain in action, in Technicolor and very much alive, ready to reveal its secrets. The brain wants to speak to us in rhythms. I sit here in the lab and wonder, what can we do with all of this?

Adam, you have spent your whole life on the trail of how the brain and the mind functions, and why. I have spent my entire life chasing that feeling, the groove, and the rhythm in music, which is life to me. The Grateful Dead was meant for this. It was our connection to life. Four weeks ago we couldn’t have done what we did this day. We are mutating, enhancing our Paleolithic body with a mind built for 2014.

We are formed by rhythms created billions of years ago in stars long gone. The carbon that formed our bodies came from a rhythmic source 13.8 billion years ago. The downbeat began the story “The Singularity,” “The Big Bang,” kick started us on OUR RHYTHM JOURNEY.

This story is the story of all of us, the future of our bodies, our minds, the fun in life, the whole enchilada…sonifiying my brain waves to make musical sense of it also offers a new music. We now dive brain first into the MICRO.

He who knows the rhythm, knows the world…Show Me The Way O’ Brain, I will follow my Rhythm to the End, to Infinite Bliss and then Beyond!!


Catch our Rhythm and the Brain Panel at SXSW Thursday 12:30 – 1:30 PM