Quiz: What does your favorite music say about you?

Music taste reflects personality…

Systemizers lean toward jobs in math and science: the meteorologist who rapidly deciphers emerging weather patterns, the geologist who untangles eons of mystery about how a mountain formed. Empathizers tend to be good listeners. They can put themselves in someone else's shoes. Systemizers can have an average or even high ability to do this, too — they don't lack empathy per se — but their systemizing abilities are even greater, Greenberg said.

He found people who like both mellow music and intense music score about the same in empathizing and systemizing tests, indicating a "balanced" thinking style.

"We are seeking music that reflects who we are, so that includes personality, that includes the way we think, and it may even be the way our brain is wired," Greenberg says.

One hypothesis: Listening to mellow music can make us feel sad, so our brain may release a pleasing hormone to soothe us — and empathizers may get a bigger dose, since the region of their brain responsible for regulating the chemical's release is larger. Systemizers' brains are bigger in regions responsible for recognizing patterns, so when they hear intense or highly structured music they may prefer it for its complexity.