RAMU Spotlight – Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball | Tank and the Bangas

Who is Tarriona "Tank" Ball?

Spoken word poet, musician, artist and frontwoman for Tank and the Bangas, Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball’s expansive sound matches her larger than life style and huge personality. Growing up in the churches of New Orleans, Tank was first inspired by the power of words in the watching her grandfather, aunt and two uncles who were all pastors. Her life took a drastic turn when she fled Hurricane Katrina to Indianapolis. There she escaped the boundaries of school uniforms and began to discover the magic of true expression through the powers of thrift store clothing. She found her vocal stride in halls of slam poetry sessions, where she also claims she was encouraged to follow her individuality. In 2011, Tank and the Bangas members met one another at a slam poetry event.

Today Tarriona Tank Ball and her band The Bangas is gaining massive popularity with their combining the sounds of R&B, hip-hop’s poetry and powerful storytelling. Their music reflects the creative alchemy of their New Orleans roots.

Tank is featured on the new RAMU album. You can check out her amazing vocals on “When the Morning Comes,” “Big Bad Wolf,” “Who Do You Think You Are,” and “Spreading the News.”

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Learn more about Tank:
Website: http://www.tankandthebangas.com/home/
FB: @TarrionaTankBall

Tank, In Her Own Words

?1. There is impressive vocal & instrumental orchestration happening within your music. Do you compose all of the pieces or is there a natural exploration and process of discovery with the band members?
I begin by humming a song and mumbling lyrics. I send it to the band and they work on actually making it into something special. Somedays it's just a really good soundcheck and a song comes out of it! So I suppose it's a bit of both.

2. When you got the call to work with Mickey, why did you say yes? Have you had any previous experience with the members of the Grateful Dead or their music? 
When I received the call to work with Mickey I wanted to make sure I was a blank sheet of paper so that I could create something completely new with him so I didn't do any background check or anything. I wanted the experience to be completely organic. My only information I had was that this is a big deal.

3. If you could create your own band with any group of musicians in the world, who would you choose and why? 
Probably the entire Justin Timberlake band mixed with a killer Dj like Mike Swift and a guitarist from The Dead!

4. How did you prepare to go into the studio with Mickey and was the experience what you had expected? 
I pretty much packed a light bag and prepared myself for the experience of a lifetime. That's exactly what I got. People get nervous around Mickey but I find him to be very chill and simply excited about his new project. He taught me a lot.

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