Reasons We Love John Mayer

No matter what your perception or knowledge is of John Mayer, he can play guitar like nobody's business. We're pretty sure Jerry would agree.
1.  He is very passionate about our music's legacy and sound.

"To help carry this music is the opportunity and the honor of a lifetime.” ~John Mayer 

2.  He's really, really good and the boys love playing with him.
The Late Late Show Bob Weir and John Mayer Perform Althea –
3. He's well respected by many beyond the pop world.
"Then there’s John Mayer, the major pop star who has gone out of his way to be one of the best ambassadors of the blues in the past decade or so."
4.  He listens to BB King every morning.
BB King & John Mayer Live – Part 1 –
5. If he's good enough for Clapton…
"John Mayer is a "master" guitar player." ~ Eric Clapton
6. He's ready to learn and grow while being guided by three of the original members. How Awesome!
"I've got what I call the double black diamonds. There are [songs] that require me to learn how to be a better guitar player. “Slipknot,” for example — if I tried to play it now, I couldn't do it, so it's forcing me to be better. Also, if you're doing everything right, you get it wrong." ~John Mayer
Of note on the Terrapin after show video:
Check out the 23:00 minute mark for a taste of those skills and the 26:00 mark for a personal message meant for every deadhead. 
~Team Mickey
P.S. – Many of you are asking where's Phil. He's under contract to the Capitol.