Remembering Pierre Henry

Pierre Henry, the great composer from natural sounds, has died. He was an amazing presence in the 70s Paris scene when one of my collaborators and friends Steven Feld was a student there. His "Well-Tempered Microphone" and GRM collaborations with Pierre Schaeffer remain a huge inspiration for many of us of who took up the microphone as a musical instrument.

According to Steven, Pierre started as a percussionist and that urge was always at the core of his composition. To learn more about Steven you can visit his website here and check out "A Conversation: With Steven Feld on The Tao of Wood" where Steven and I talk about one of our many collaborations.

Read more about Pierre in the New York Times & on NPR.

Pierre Henry, Composer Who Found the Music in Sounds, Dies at 89
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Remembering Pierre Henry, A Composer Who Made The Everyday Extraordinary
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Watch a film about Pierre – "The Art of Sounds" below.