Superorganism Album Review

Grade: A
Music is a tough industry to be in, so many songs have been made that it's very improbable that something new will be created. Though, having to worry about whether or not a sound has been used before, bands have to actually sound good or else they won't be going too far. Mickey Hart however, does not have that problem as he puts out his new album, Superorganism. This album does that improbable act by creating something new and different by using Mickey Hart's brain. No I don't mean that he put a lot of thought into it, which I'm sure he did, but I mean they hooked an EEG cap to his head that read his electrical impulses from his brain to create sounds. In a way you could say he really did have his thinking cap on.

The music created from the brain of Mickey Hart is something that I would kind of expect from a former drummer of the Grateful Dead, wild, eclectic, and full of rhythm and groove. Even though I do like Mickey Hart from his days on the Grateful Dead, I was very impressed with Superorganism. The sounds that are used in the songs are different with sounds that I just can't figure out how to explain their sound. Given that they are brain wave sounds I don't find it surprising that I can't describe the way they sound. What I can say is that I enjoyed the songs a lot.

What this album does is what I want all albums to do, give me songs that sound different from each other, has a beat that I can get into, tunes that are catchy, lyrics that are meaningful, and a tempo that makes me want to sing and tap my foot. These songs have a wide range of sounds being played where they give a rock song with one, a blues with another, and all are being backed by vocals of Crystal Monee Hall. Her voice is smooth and strong in the songs and is a big reason why I liked this album. There's some noise being played here but it's a stylish noise that just sounds like it has always been played that way.

– By Lee Roberts for