“Superorganism” Album Review by Grateful Music

"Superorganism" as written in the liner notes by Mickey Hart is "a complex organism composed of many smaller organisms…A band is a Superorganism and so is the universe," It also happens to be the latest release by The Mickey Hart Band. The legendary drummer of the Grateful Dead has yet again created an album that is as mind blowing as it is mind opening.  Using sonification, the act of representing data as sound, Mickey has once again proven that there is nothing within this universe that can't be turned into or used within music. Working with an all-star cast of musicians and some of the most respected scientists in their field Mickey tapped into everything from a pulsar to his own brain waves to create one of the most intriguing and powerful new albums recently released, surpassing genre and categorization for flat out innovation. Using science and computers to transform pulses, energy and even information from many sources into sounds and pitches while intertwining them with traditional musical instruments. This album, science aside, blends powerful yet soothing vocals with mesmerizing and dance inducing drum beats like only Mickey can produce. From the opening track "Falling Stars" where a heavy electronic feel is mixed with driving percussion and sounds harnessed from a pulsar.  "Ghost Rider," contrasts as a dark almost Aboriginal tune where the drums and bass seem to be the moving force helped along with sounds created by real cosmic background radiation and neuron and cardiac cell voltage activity.  With Superorganism you get the rare chance to listen to a record and not only feel spiritually moved by the music but simultaneously intrigued as to the scientific process to which it was created.  Most impressively  "The Sermon," a spiritually uplifting tune has powerful lyrics written by Robert Hunter mixed with flowing drums and beautiful guitar riffs, adding EEG Signals from Mickey's own brain.  This album is another fine example of the beautiful mind of a musical genius who is willing to step into the unknown and tap into the power and energy of the universe and break open the traditional barriers of music, all while opening the minds of its listeners to concepts and science they may have never known existed. Musically   the doors this type of thinking can open and the many uses for this science both in music and beyond are abundant and a gift to the musical community.  Pick up this album, give it a spin and it will most definitely leave you with a smile on your face and possibly teach you a few new things about life, science and music in the process.

By – Chason Heins

Grateful Music