Terrapin Tuesdays – This Week’s Guest Pick From Dennis McNally

?#‎TerrapinTuesdays? extra special guest pick this week from Dennis McNally. Jerry Garcia once said “Get McNally to do it…” Great suggestion Jerry, don't mind if we do. Dennis picked Winterland Arena 12/29/1977. He shared these memories with us.

"It was special because I’d gone back east to take care of some business and flew into San Francisco early that evening, just about the time the show started. It was a warm (at least to somebody coming from Massachusetts!), misty night, and I took a bus downtown, stashed my suitcase, and jumped in a cab. There I got to say something I’d always wanted to say: “Winterland, and step on it!”

"I’d only lived in San Francisco a year at that point, but walking into Winterland that night was one of those moments that totally confirmed that I’d made the right choice of where to live. In my experience, there weren’t too many less-than-great shows in ’77, and 12/29 was one of the best. When they came back out and started into “Terrapin,” I just about melted into the floor – it’s such an obviously great song, and they played it impeccably, and somehow, getting it as an encore just added an adrenaline shot of surprise that topped it all off."

Thanks Dennis and see everyone next week. Who knows who might stop by and suggest their favorite Terrapin!!

If you don't know a lot about Dennis you can learn more about him at http://bit.ly/1EOE0fe.