Terrapin Tuesdays – This Week’s Guest Pick – University of Alabama, May 17, 1977 chosen by Jeff Kosiorek from Grateful Dead of the Day


Today we welcome Jeff Kosiorek from Grateful Dead of the Day (http://bit.ly/1DKgYpI) as our guest contributor. Though he only saw a dozen shows in the flesh, he has listened to thousands of hours of Dead, so Jeff knows a "Terrapin" or two. He picked University of Alabama, May 1977. Jeff attended his first show back in high school and has been on the bus ever since. He spends his days doing web development, teaching history, and sailing, almost all of it while listening to the Dead. 
" "Terrapins" seem to take on something of the time and circumstance when they were played. And, in my mind, there is nothing better than the cusp of summer on a university campus, as the weather conspires with the prospect of freedom. I can only imagine that was how it was at the University of Alabama in May 1977 when the Dead rolled into town and busted out a splendid version of the tune. In the midst of their most storied month, the boys played a stellar show with the Terrapin serving as the crux of all the resplendent beauty they constructed that fine evening. On the crisp soundboard, you can hear the song emerge out of "Estimated", the band slowly coming together, building energy, emotion, and anticipation before Jerry ventures forth with the first sweet line: let my inspiration flow. Indeed, the vocals ooze out and around, imparting a palpable presence to the already graceful and compelling story of the lady, soldier, and sailor. Facing the choice, the sailor sallies forth and, as we await the fate of the dauntless old salt, Jerry offers up a majestic, flowing movement, building anticipation with the splendor of his sweet licks. The sailor returns – how could he not – and the band continues to rise and crescendo out of "Lady with a Fan" into "Terrapin Station" proper, with Donna providing a subtle, perfect accompaniment on vocals. All the while, Jerry continues to dial in on guitar, and Phil starts really bombing away. For their part, the drummers pound out an energetic and compelling incantation, bestowing power and sanctity. Then, just as suddenly, the song melts away, leaving us all in a state of blissful transcendence. Summer is just around the corner, folks; enjoy this little gem of the season."
Thanks Jeff! Be sure to check out http://bit.ly/1DKgYpI for a daily dose of audio candy and see you next week.