Terrapin Tuesdays – This Week’s Pick – 12/30/83 – San Francisco Civic Auditorium

?#‎TerrapinTuesdays? pick of the week. San Francisco Civic Auditorium December 30th 1983.  Great footage and some fantastic rhythm devil action starting around 12:20

Let's talk lyrics today. The big opus of Terrapin Station actually borrows from both American and English folklore, including a late 1920′s or 1930′s song called the Lady of Carlisle by Basil May.  The story tells the tale of a lady approached by two men – a soldier and a seaman – who compete for her affection. To test their loyalty, she puts them to a challenge by throwing her fan into the lion’s den. 
Hunter’s version leaves the outcome up to all of us, but in the original only the sailor shows the courage to face the lion and earns the love of the lady with the fan.
Enjoy and see you next week.