Terrapin Tuesdays – This Week’s Pick – 05/13/1981 – Providence, RI

This week's guest pick comes from Eric Schwartz, host and producer of Lone Star Dead radio for the last 23 years.  
(Special nod in memorium to David Minor who contributed the very rare audience video.) 
Eric had this to say about his second time hearing "Terrapin":
"I was just a high school kid in the tiny state of Rhode Island in 1981 on my way to my second dead show. I can hear this "Terrapin" in my head like it was yesterday. It's classic 1981. Straight line power and raw Dead at its finest. Before the band started using any kind of digital effects, when it was just Jerry and his guitar. 
I remember this show had an "Aiko Aiko", as the crowd response was a kind of hysteria and joy I don't think I had witnessed before. I had no idea what was happening but I knew it was IMPORTANT!!  Also notable from this show was the "streaker" who found her way onstage in between the sets, only to be carried off by the 'quippies'. Oh my virgin teen aged eyes!! 
Of course I went to high school the next day while the circus pulled out of town.
However, it would not be long before I joined the circus myself. 
The rare chance and fortune to see video of my second show, from 1981, is not lost on me. I can't thank that video taper enough and all involved with making this whole show available, true team effort."
Thanks Eric for sharing and we'll see you next week.
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