The Gyuto Monks – In Search for the Sound of Life

“Ever since my first hearing of Huston Smith's 1967 recordings of the Gyuto Multiphonic Choir [1], these amazing and inspiring sounds have been my constant companions. With kindness and compassion, the monks chant for freedom, hope and peace.” ~Mickey Hart
"On the breath is carried the message. The breath is the most important asset that we own. We give the essence of our life with every exhale, every inhale, it is precious, it means everything. I give my breath in search of answers, we ask questions, and we tell our story in sound, in vibrations. We are humble and simple monks in search for the sound of life."
Although Huston Smith is renowned for his thesis that “at their core, all religions are the same”, he wrote:
"If there is one thing I would like to be remembered for, it is not that I wrote THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS, which has become a standard textbook for introductory courses. Rather, it is that mine were the first Western ears on which the chanting of the Gyuto monks comprehendingly fell. This made me the conduit through which this astounding vocal phenomenon was transmitted to Europe and America. Though I published the first recording of the Gyuto multiphonic chanting, it is Mickey Hart's indefatigable labors (through multiple coast-to-coast sellout tours for which he mobilized the infrastructure of the Grateful Dead, and the CDs that have improved in quality over three generations of recordings) that have brought the Gyuto monks into the spotlight of world acclaim."
Here is a selection from The INITIATION CEREMONY OF GUHYASAMAIA TANTRA, the first portion of Track One, from The Perfect Jewel: Sacred Chants of Tibet by The Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir and available at Smithsonian Folkways: The Mickey Hart Collection.
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[1] MUSIC OF TIBET –  The Gyuto Multiphonic Choir, The first recording of its kind, this is Huston Smith's historic 1967 recording.
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