Throwback Thursday – Just another day at rehearsal.

#tbt. Speaking of Jack Casady this week – we are going to solve a long standing mystery for everyone. Rosie McGee, Photographer and Storyteller? reminded me that it was Jack who is lying face down in the dirt in our Live/Dead photo. Everyone has always wondered who that is.
She was there that day and took the picture. Late one afternoon, we were rehearsing at our Novato warehouse/rehearsal hall; and she was there, camera on hand. When Warner Bros. called with an eleventh-hour request for a band photo for the soon-to-be-released Live/Dead album she interrupted the rehearsal and asked us to come outside quickly, bringing whatever furniture and props we could carry. We only had about a half hour of fading light for the impromptu photo shoot. Jack Casady was visiting, and once we’d gotten the photo staged, he threw himself down in the dirt to be part of the photo. 
(He was only in two or three frames, but this is the one the record company chose to use.)